Tache Réflexion Finale

When writing French, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?

Writing wise I think my grammar is the weakest point in my writing. I think my creativity is my strongest point in writing.

When speaking French, what do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses?

I ultimately feel everything is my weakness but my pronunciation and intonation of French is my greatest strength.

  1. How have your writing and speaking skills developed through these three tâches?

I think my writing skills have improved a lot but my speaking skills haven’t. I think practice in writing has been helpful and effective in learning, but speaking, I guess I haven’t had enough practice.

  1. In the course of this semester, have you spoken French outside the classroom with other students? with native speakers of French? Have you read French in online newspapers, magazines, or books? Have you listened to French music, newscasts, or radio?

I have read French newspapers and listened to French music and podcasts. The newspapers were over my head and I didn’t really understand the music or podcasts but I definitely enjoyed the music. As for the rest of the speaking, I haven’t really done that and the times I have I failed dramatically.

  1. If you plan to continue your study of French, what is your goal for further developing your writing and speaking skills in future courses?

Well I hope to improve so that I don’t have to worry about failing French. That I’ll improve enough so I’ll get solid B’s and C’s on tests.

  1. What are your future goals (short or long-term) with regard to French?

To survive really. To pass both this and next semester. Lord willing that will happen.

Mon Profil

  1. I am much better at reading and writing then speaking. I feel like class time was my best opportunity to speak French but I didn’t take full advantage of it. I think we did a lot of writing exercises and I think working with Mathieu as well as working on the Tache assignments really improved my writing. Plus speaking is scary.
  2. Flash cards! Please use them for vocal and grammar points. I think also doing the exercises in the book is helpful too. But chiefly, just going to office hours.
  3. I don’t do it very often and if I do it’s not very helpful at all.
  4. I hope to pass French, and hope to pass next semester.

Orale Réflexion

  1. I am terribly uncomfortable speaking French, especially in conversation with others. Presenting before a group if I can read from a script is perfectly fine because I am more confident in my writing skills. Speaking with other students, I feel like everyone is far ahead of me so I am unable to speak in such a way that is on their level. I have to ask questions or ask them to speak slowly. Native speakers? Not even considering that.
  2. I think my pronunciation and intonation of French is my strength. I feel like every other aspect of French speaking is my weakness.
  3. I’ve practiced listening and done my best to just surround myself with French stuff, even listening to a French podcast and music. Pronunciation, I just listen to native speakers and get the accent right/as best as possible. I was a theatre kid in high school so its not hard for me to copy accents.
  4. I think the one on one time I have had with Mathieu and my TA’s has been very helpful. I hope to improve in my French speaking skills next semester.

Réflexion Sur Mes Compositions

1. I don’t think I tried anything different per say, but I would say that my writing skills improved over the semester. I think my approach wasn’t any different, but my competency was vastly improved. I’d recommend that other students just do their best, and study grammar points they don’t understand. Additionally, restructuring a sentence to avoid confusing grammar points is a life saver.

2. Yes! I do feel that way. By improving my writing skills I feel I can write faster as my brain was trained to actually work in French better. My vocabulary expanded, and my process and speed of writing improved without a dip in quality. In fact, with more practice, I think my writing improved.

3. I would love to actually get A’s on my papers and I would also love to get better in my grammatical skills.

4. Hmmm, I don’t really think so. But preparing my English essays has helped me structure and approach my French essays.