Réflexion Sur Mes Compositions

1. I don’t think I tried anything different per say, but I would say that my writing skills improved over the semester. I think my approach wasn’t any different, but my competency was vastly improved. I’d recommend that other students just do their best, and study grammar points they don’t understand. Additionally, restructuring a sentence to avoid confusing grammar points is a life saver.

2. Yes! I do feel that way. By improving my writing skills I feel I can write faster as my brain was trained to actually work in French better. My vocabulary expanded, and my process and speed of writing improved without a dip in quality. In fact, with more practice, I think my writing improved.

3. I would love to actually get A’s on my papers and I would also love to get better in my grammatical skills.

4. Hmmm, I don’t really think so. But preparing my English essays has helped me structure and approach my French essays.


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