Orale Réflexion

  1. I am terribly uncomfortable speaking French, especially in conversation with others. Presenting before a group if I can read from a script is perfectly fine because I am more confident in my writing skills. Speaking with other students, I feel like everyone is far ahead of me so I am unable to speak in such a way that is on their level. I have to ask questions or ask them to speak slowly. Native speakers? Not even considering that.
  2. I think my pronunciation and intonation of French is my strength. I feel like every other aspect of French speaking is my weakness.
  3. I’ve practiced listening and done my best to just surround myself with French stuff, even listening to a French podcast and music. Pronunciation, I just listen to native speakers and get the accent right/as best as possible. I was a theatre kid in high school so its not hard for me to copy accents.
  4. I think the one on one time I have had with Mathieu and my TA’s has been very helpful. I hope to improve in my French speaking skills next semester.

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